At Pranasleep, skilled artisans shape the finest materials into luxury mattresses that help you sleep deeply and live boldy.
We layer the best organic wools and cottons around a proprietary blend of Talalay latex and super high density foams to give you unmatched cooling, buoyancy, and pressure-point relief. Discover the most luxurious, restorative, healthful sleep possible.

Luxury within reach.

Find superior support and pressure-point relief, at our most accessible pricepoint.

Queen Starting at $1,999.99

Step up to elevated performance.

Our Classic Talalay Latex blend and hand-tufted quilting offer buoyant support and deep comfort.

Queen Starting at $3,199.99

The ultimate in restorative sleep

Our exclusive natural Talalay latex core and comfort layers make Dharma the ultimate in luxe, restorative sleep.

Queen Starting at $4,799.99

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Healthful, buoyant sleep.

Unlike memory foam that wraps around your body, our handcrafted, pressure-relieving Talalay latex mattresses gently float you to sleep. Discover the amazing feeling of resting deeply and waking totally refreshed and energized—your best you to face the day.

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The world's finest materials.

World-class mattresses demand ultra-premium materials. We incorporate natural Talalay latex, organic wool and cotton, and super high-density foams to create three unique sleep systems suited for every comfort and budget.

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Artisan-made, right here at home.

Each mattress is handcrafted by highly-skilled women and men in one of our United States factories giving us total control of the manufacturing process, assuring the finest quality sleep system available.

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Handmade PranaSleep mattress

Time for an upgrade? Revitalize your sleep sanctuary with our latest innovations in luxury latex comfort.

See which of our current state-of-the-art mattresses is the next step in the evolution of your current PranaSleep mattress.