3 Things to Look for in a Premium Innerspring Mattress if You’re a Stomach Sleeper

3 Things to Look for in a Premium Innerspring Mattress if You’re a Stomach Sleeper

You turn off the lights and get yourself ready to snooze. Are you on your back, side, or stomach? Many people answer that they sleep on their stomach. Although stomach sleeping may be comfortable for some, it’s not so great for your spine. You’re more likely to be restless and toss and turn to get comfortable when you sleep on your belly. It can strain your neck and your lower back if your spine isn’t aligned correctly, leading to aches and pains in the morning. Although this is a common struggle, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. It’s especially important for stomach sleepers to choose a mattress that works for this sleep position.

This is one reason we suggest you visit a PranaSleep retail partner and lay down on your luxury mattress before purchasing it. You want to choose the one that feels great! For many sleepers who like to spend the night on their stomach, they find an innerspring mattress supports them and keeps them comfortable the best. Here’s what you should be looking for:

#1 Strong coils A mattress is only as supportive as the coils are strong. An innerspring mattress made with low-quality coils will sag sooner, upsetting your alignment and leaving you with back pain. You want to look for a mattress with individually wrapped coils, which move independently and contour to your body. These are the standard for a high-quality mattress. The coil thickness is measured in gauge; the lower the gauge, the thicker the coil. A premium innerspring mattress will have coils in the 12-15 gauge range. Our PranaSleep coils are constructed of unique-geometry pocketed coils for more bounce and added pressure relief. 

#2 Cooling fabric An innerspring mattress often sleeps cooler than other material types, because the coils keep you “on top” of the mattress rather than sinking down into the foam. Plus, innerspring mattresses have a more open construction that allows for more airflow. For even more temperature regulation, PranaSleep’s innerspring mattresses each feature a breathable UltraQuilt® Layer that prevents the “slab-like” feel of non-quilted mattresses. Luxury fabrics are expertly combined with specialty foams to create a cool, cushioning relaxation that pairs perfectly with the support of the innersprings.

#3 Firm comfort level Most stomach sleepers snooze best on a firm surface. If you sleep on a lower-quality, too-soft mattress, your hips and belly will sink in too deeply and you wake up with quite a backache. You may find with the right mattress and support underneath you, you don’t necessarily have to have a firm support level, but it’s a great place to start your search for the right mattress.

We like to first point stomach sleepers to our Karma Collection. The Moon, Sky, Peace, and Earth are all great fits for those who spend the night in this position. Our Karma Collection offers an innovative approach to coils and springs. After years of research and development, working with unique and superior components, PranaSleep has created a product unparalleled in the luxury mattress industry.

Innersprings are by no means the only way to get the solid sleep surface you need to rest comfortably on your stomach. You also may want to look into a firm comfort level outside of our innerspring offerings. Our Nidra Extra Firm mattress is a favorite among those who want a truly firm bed. This mattress is carefully crafted with a PranaSleep Performance Talalay Core®. This core is made from our proprietary formula with more than triple the natural rubber as ordinary Talalay latex. It’s a firm yet comfortable feel provided by some of the world’s finest materials, handcrafted by experts!

It’s worth noting that all of our mattresses are designed and handcrafted to be extremely supportive. You may find that because our entire mattress lineup is so well-made, you don’t need to limit yourself to an innerspring or even an Extra Firm mattress. Only by trying out the mattress are you guaranteed to find the perfect one for you!


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