4 Reasons Why PranaSleep is like No Other Mattress Company in the Industry Today

4 Reasons Why PranaSleep is like No Other Mattress Company in the Industry Today

When you are looking for a better night sleep, you need more than just a mattress. You need to find your PranaSleepⓇ style. Our lineup includes numerous options for an ultra luxurious blend of comfort and support. While you may hear words like this from other brands, we stand behind what we say. Here are just a few of the reasons we can say there is truly no other brand like PranaSleepⓇ:

#1 Simply put- they’re built better. A lot more goes into how we build our mattresses than you may realize. This is more than just some springs and fabric. In fact, many of our mattresses don’t even have springs! Only a few of the things we do to make each mattress better for your REM sleep and a restful morning include:

  • Talalay CoreⓇ- This core is composed of our industry-exclusive, proprietary formula latex foam rubber. It has more than triple the natural rubber as ordinary Talalay latex, and as the highest-grade mattress foam available, it delivers perfect comfort and support.
  • Talalay Comfort Layer- The high-quality foam isn’t only found in the core. Our comfort layer is designed to offer maximum pressure relief and enhance your contentment for a deeper, more restorative sleep every night.
  • UltraQuiltⓇ Layer- Between the sleeper and the latex, this layer has a phase-changing material that regulates the body’s temperature. How do we do it? With technology made possible by NASA!
  • PranaSleep Patented Perimeter Wrap®- The edge of the mattress is often forgotten about or ignored by other brands, but not us. Our unique process of wrapping the core and comfort layers gives the mattress supreme internal stability, edge-to-edge consistency, and a firmer sleep surface.

The materials being top-notch are one thing, but the process they are made in is quite another. All of these mattresses are hand made, in either our Bonita Springs, FL or Buffalo, NY facility.

#2 Our dedication to your overall satisfaction. While a mattress is an incredibly-important purchase to make, it is probably not something you do very often. A high-quality mattress needs to be replaced about one every ten or fifteen years, meaning it has no doubt been a while since you’ve last done it. That doesn’t mean it needs to be overwhelming! The sales professionals are here to help you, not pressure you. Stop in to a PranaSleepⓇ retailer and speak to an expert. They’ll help you discover exactly what you’re looking for, and even recommend you lay down for a while. On the off chance that you make a purchase and realize after a few sleeps that it isn’t the model for you, it won’t be a problem at all. Our Comfort Guarantee, as well as the warranty on the mattress itself, means that you can buy your new bed without worrying you’ll regret your choice and be stuck with it.

#3 We employ expert craftsmen, and nothing less. As mentioned above, these mattresses are handmade. If you want to know exactly the kind of care and attention that goes into each mattress that leaves our facility, you don’t need to look beyond our Master Seamstress. Leticia Sanchez has quite the story to tell! She has played an integral role in pushing our company to use more sophisticated designs and constructions, and has been invaluable in helping us make overall better mattresses. Through the combination of precision machining and the unbeatable quality of hand-sewn craft, you can see Leticia’s work. In fact, you can learn more about her and her journey by watching this video. We are incredibly proud to have her, and others like her, working for our brand and crafting our beds.

#4 There is something for everyone. The perfect mattress for your neighbor or your best friend may not be the right model for you. You will all be able to find a PranaSleepⓇ style that is the exact match to your needs, though. That is because our lineup offers something for everyone’s tastes and needs. There are actually five collections within our brand, PranaSleepⓇ, Om, Lotus, Organics, and Karma. Each has several models within it, specifically designed to meet a sleeper’s unique firmness, support, and comfort needs. You also have a choice in exactly what materials your mattress is made from, and of course the size of the mattress as well. If you don’t see exactly what you want in a size that meets your bed requirements, we’ll custom make it!

We have provided a better night sleep for millions of people all across the country. How do we do it? Through state-of-the art technology, an intelligent design, and the level of attention-to-detail that can only be achieved when something is handmade. Experience the truly regenerative abilities of our bodies at rest and awaken peacefully, ready for what the new day brings- made possible only from PranaSleepⓇ. You can shop online for your new mattress, or find a PranaSleepⓇ retailer in your area as well.

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