4 Steps to a Better Bedroom

4 Steps to a Better Bedroom

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Your luxury home won’t feel that way for long if you sit idly by and let it go out of style. How long has it been since you last redecorated your bedroom? Even if your PranaSleep mattress will last another decade or two in pristine condition, you don’t need to wait that long to freshen up its surroundings! Follow these four easy steps to make your bedroom a place fit for your dreams:

#1 Reconfigure your whole room. Before you do anything else, take a look around the room with fresh eyes. Why is your furniture placed where it is? Because it’s where the movers dropped it, or because it’s actually the most functional and aesthetically pleasing organization? Pause and ask yourself “What do I like? What is worth keeping? What belongs elsewhere?” To refresh your bedroom, you need to eliminate everything you don’t need or love. The most important objects in a room are to be placed in the command position, if you’re following Feng Shui and want to keep the flow of Chi in your space. Most often, this is your bed. Center everything else in your room around it. Be sure to leave a nook in your room for your morning yoga!

#2 Put on a fresh coat of paint. You may be shocked at just how different a room looks after a little paint. If you want to completely redo your space, you may opt for a totally new color. Many luxury home experts agree this year’s hottest colors are earthy tones like dark greens, Soft Clay, Hazelnut, Mist and Mushroom. If you like the color scheme you already have, even adding a new top coat to your existing hue will still make it look fresher and do a lot towards the aesthetics of the room. Color has a strong effect on mood, and the colors you choose should reflect your personality and lifestyle.

#3 Don’t forget the pillows, linens, and other sleep system essentials. The choice to purchase a PranaSleep mattress is a fantastic way to prioritize the revitalizing sleep your body needs. You aren’t finished quite yet, though. Your sheets, pillows, pillow covers, and mattress pad are all essential items as well. Knowing your own body and your skin type will be extremely helpful in making the right purchase. Microfiber-fabric sheets, like those with extremely fine fibers of polyester, are very affordable and feel soft, yet are much less breathable than cotton and are probably not the best choice for those with sensitive skin. You may want to go with eco-friendly linens to pair with your Organics Collection mattress. PranaSleep pillows go wonderfully with any collection and help to align your spine and keep you comfortable all night long, allowing for a rested feeling in the morning.

#4 Revamp and accessorize. By now, you have your furniture organized in the best way possible, have chosen a nice paint color for the room, and have made sure your mattress isn’t the only high-quality item giving you a perfect night of sleep. The only thing left is to accessorize and revamp the decor. It’s time to assert your personality with patterns, colors, and textures that you love! Give yourself enough bedside light with coordinating lamp shades in your new color scheme- and remember to do one on each side of the bed if you’re staying true to your Feng Shui efforts. You may also opt for a few beautiful objects that bring you personal joy, like artwork, a vase for freshly cut flowers, or a few mementos of your recent travel destinations.

Your bedroom should be a sleep sanctuary. Transform your tired old bedroom into a refreshing place of rest and relaxation, centered around a luxury PranaSleep mattress. You are just a few steps from finding true peace and relaxation in your new space!


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