4 Things in Your Bedroom That Can Improve Your Sleep

4 Things in Your Bedroom That Can Improve Your Sleep

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Your health and overall wellness should be a top priority. There are few things more important than getting a good night’s sleep! Giving yourself a chance to regenerate and repair is accomplished by getting a solid seven to eight hours a night. It can make all the difference in how you experience the next day, as well as the health you experience for a lifetime. Did you know that sleep keeps you healthy by boosting your immune system? Or that sleep makes it possible to better regulate your emotions and mental health? All of this is true!

One of the most common obstacles between you and a restful night is not having the right environment to sleep in. With this in mind, let’s discuss exactly how to turn your bedroom into the slumber oasis you need in order to sleep deeply, wake up refreshed, and keep your body healthy for the long run. Your bedroom needs these four things:

#1 A Premium Mattress What is the number one thing you need in your bedroom in order to get a great night of sleep? A premium mattress, of course! No matter how much money you spend on revamping your bedroom, from new pillows to a fresh coat of paint, it is all in vain if you don’t invest in a quality mattress that meets your needs. Visit a PranaSleep retail partner and spend time trying out different mattresses in order to decide which option you find the most comfortable. Some people may prefer a softer mattress, while others like firmer options. We have top-of-the-line luxury mattresses made from cashmere and wool, organic mattress options, and premium innerspring mattresses ideal for those who sleep on their stomach. Don’t forget to add the adjustable bed base

#2 Lighting Getting your light levels right is key to maintaining a healthy, natural circadian rhythm. Your bedroom should have the perfect balance of natural and artificial light, both able to be used at the right times. Ensure sunlight is able to enter the room through the windows throughout the day. Research has also proven that there are real benefits associated with spending time in indoor spaces that offer abundant natural light. At night, you’ll want to ensure that your room is as dark as possible, so you may want to put up blackout blinds and heavy curtains. In a dark, cool room you’ll be able to drift off with ease. In terms of artificial light, it’s a good idea to get a bedside lamp for reading, yoga, and other pre-sleep activities. As an added bonus, you can turn it off easily without having to get out of bed.

#3 The Right Color Scheme Colors can play an important role in setting the scene for a good night’s sleep. A carefully chosen color scheme can actually make you more calm and sleepy. Blue is far and away the most recommended bedroom color for a calming effect in your sleep sanctuary. Nearly 60% of the blue bedroom owners also reported regularly waking up feeling happy! If you don’t like blue, silver or green will also do the trick. Those with green throughout their bedrooms showed a higher tendency to wake up feeling upbeat and positive. This hue evokes a feeling of abundance and is associated with refreshment, peace, rest, and security- all of which are ideal to falling asleep easily and sleeping a full night.

#4 Plants Plants and greenery have been shown to be beneficial for our wellbeing, even if they’re indoors. Indoor plants create a calming environment that is just perfect for getting a good night’s sleep! Some of the most popular fragrant plants to keep in the bedroom include Lavender, Jasmine, Gerbera Daisy, Gardenia, Chrysanthemums, and Chamomile. Place one or two of your favorites close to your bed for optimum effects, then lay back, relax, and enjoy the smell.

But if you can make yourself feel calm, safe, and relaxed, sleep feels like the logical next step. One way to go about achieving this feeling is to create a bedroom oasis. Buying a luxury mattress is the right place to start. Our premium mattresses are handcrafted with quality materials and engineered for maximum comfort and support. We have provided a better night sleep for thousands of people all across the country, and we want you to be next! Once your luxury mattress is in your bedroom, you can get to work setting up the right colors, lighting, and plant life in order to perfect your environment.

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