5 Bedroom Décor Ideas that Will Update Your Room's Style in an Instant

5 Bedroom Décor Ideas that Will Update Your Room's Style in an Instant

Bedroom Decor Ideas

From designer clothes, to the best vacation spots, to our haircuts, to the tech we use, it seems like luxury trends come in and out of style at warped speed. What is considered en vogue today may be “over” in just a few months. Nowhere is this more apparent than with home decor. You want your house to look great, but it’s tough to keep up with what’s in and what’s out without having an interior decorator on call!

This new year, make it your style resolution to update your look. That doesn’t mean redoing the whole room, unless you want to of course. When it comes to your master bedroom, a few staple furniture pieces and then trendy accents are all it takes to keep your decor looking fabulous. 

#1 Indoor plants and natural imagery. Having greenery indoors is lush, natural, warm, and also quite versatile. An orchid and a fern contribute to very different looks. If for whatever reason you don’t want real plants in your bedroom, it’s very popular right now to decorate with palm patterns. Whether printed on a pillow, painted on a vase, or replicated on wallpaper, palm imagery is a major trend right now that’s easy to get in to. 

#2 A boulcé accent chair. We all know that boulcé fabric has been in for jackets for decades, thanks to Coco Chanel. Now, it’s very popular to have that same warmth and luxury in a chair! This textured fabric adds a dramatic look to the room if you mix materials correctly. When paired with silk curtains and an Egyptian cotton comforter, it will turn even a neutral-colored room into something a little more exciting. Also, it is incredibly comfortable!

#3 Large area rugs. Rugs have been a staple in living rooms for years, and now they’re moving into the bedroom! Regardless of whether you want one made with natural materials to go with your eco-friendly mattress or love to make a statement with a bold patterned design, there's a rug for you. If your home has wood or tile floors, this is a great way to make your bedroom feel a little cozier without laying down carpet. Plus, it makes changing the look and feel of your room incredibly easy. In six months, get a new rug and you’ll feel like you switched up your entire decor!

#4 Feminine tones. Your room doesn’t need to look like Barbie’s playhouse to be feminine. Leaving 2019 and entering 2020, the most popular bedroom hues are blush, dusty rose, soft pinks, golds, and bronze. Warm colors and feminine tones for your walls and other accent pieces will instantly update a room that was last styled when stark black and white contrasting was in style. If you don’t want to go totally pink, a floral design on your fabric or wallpaper will do the same trick!

#5 Poster bed frame. The sleek, cold Scandinavian look is falling out of style and a more elaborate style is taking its place. Four-poster bed frames are back in! Just like with rugs, there’s a poster bed to match every style and taste. Of course, many opt for an ornate, wooden bed. If you like the industrial look, you can also get a great one in your favorite metal. You can get head- and footboards with leather, intricate detailing, or antique mirror accents on the bedframe as well. When you place your luxury PranaSleep mattress on a bed this ornate, you’ll feel like royalty! 

One thing that’s never out of style is quality. Whether it’s a hand-woven rug, American-made solid wood furniture, or a handcrafted luxury mattress, you’ll never be dissatisfied with a piece that is built to last. Never feel like you substitute your good taste to keep up with what’s on-trend right now. That’s because top quality items never go out of style!


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