5 Gift Giving Ideas for the Luxury Lover in Your Life

5 Gift Giving Ideas for the Luxury Lover in Your Life

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Blink and before you know it, the 2020 Holiday Season will be upon us. The year has been like no other, so there’s a lot of pressure on the Holidays to bring some much-needed joy into people’s lives. If you’re looking at your gift list wondering where to even get started, we have just the gifts to begin with. The luxury lover on your list will be thrilled with any and all of these fabulous presents:

Long Gloves

Long gloves are back on trend! Sometimes called evening gloves and sometimes called opera gloves, this style is vintage, feminine, and chic. Today’s top designers aren’t just giving you the same gloves as the 1950’s, though. The hot gloves right now have bold patterns, like floral, or are made from unexpected materials, like a sheer organza. Imagine what a pair of these evening gloves will do for her New Year’s Eve outfit! 

PranaSleep Pillows 

Why not give the gift of better sleep and happier mornings? You probably don’t want to buy a mattress for someone else since a sleeper’s comfort preferences are personal. You can buy your loved one new pillows and give them the rejuvenated mornings they need! A PranaSleep pillow provides the perfect level of cradling comfort to keep their head, neck, and spine properly aligned throughout the night. This means no more waking up at night to roll around and no more mornings with a stiff neck. We have two pillow options, a premium latex pillow and a luxury organic pillow. If they have and love their PranaSleep Organics Collection mattress, the organic pillow made of all natural Talalay latex and organic cotton is the perfect complimenting accessory! 

Organic Mattress Pad

Sleep can ease away the effects of the day with nightly regeneration, boosting immunity and replenishing every cell. Any gift that helps them achieve the rest their body needs will be welcomed. If they don’t sleep well, it may be because dust, dander, or other allergens from their mattress are making them sick. If their mattress is not hypoallergenic, a mattress pad that is can make for a simple add-on. An organic mattress pad not only stops this from happening, it is better for their mattress as well. Spills, stains, and accidents happen! Padding their sleep with an organic mattress pad is the best way to protect their investment. They simply place the mattress pad under their sheets to protect the mattress and they don’t need to worry about spills affecting their mattress or allergens hurting their night of sleep. Beyond this function, a mattress pad also adds extra comfort and softness! Our 300 thread count organic cotton mattress pad comes with a 10-year warranty, so you’ll know that they will be enjoying this gift for a long time to come.

Home Workout Equipment

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, home workout equipment is huge this year. We all know the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of staying fit. Yet, going to the gym, yoga studio, or other fitness center may not be safe right now. That’s why the gift of home fitness is perfect! There are many luxury items you can gift for the 2020 Holiday Season, like a stationary bike that allows them to participate in a socially-distanced group spin class or mirror that connects them with an in-home private trainer. If you have someone on your list who loves a designer brand name, Louis Vuitton has hand weights with their world-famous LV logo on them!

Silk or Velour Robe

Whether she prefers the cool feeling of silk on her skin or the coziness of velour, a luxury robe is a gift she’ll surely love. Imagine her gasping with delight when she pulls her new favorite gift from the box! Since we’re all spending so much time at home this year, she’ll get plenty of use out of it. Get ready to see this robe a lot! Of course, people of all ages and genders can appreciate being comfortable and relaxed, so you may want to consider a robe for everyone on your list!

The PranaSleep brand is known for luxury, which is exactly what you can expect from either of our pillows as well as our mattress pad. You want to give more than just luxury, though. You want to give your loved one a happier, healthier life. These gifts achieve that! They will always remember the 2020 Holiday Season as the year you got it right!

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