7 Gift Ideas for the Yoga Lover in Your Life

7 Gift Ideas for the Yoga Lover in Your Life

Purchasing the perfect gift for a loved one can be truly difficult. You care so much about them that you want to give them a gift they’ll absolutely adore, yet how do you know without a doubt it is the right one? You’d hate to disappoint a partner, family member, friend, or coworker during the holidays. If your loved one enjoys yoga, this is a fantastic place to begin your search!

Yoga Mat

#1 Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat. This is an easy one- everyone who does yoga needs at least one mat. Maybe it’s a great time for them to get a new one! Even better, you can do a little digging and find one made of natural tree rubber and recycled plastic bottle microfibers, making this gift an eco-friendly product that you can both feel good about.

#2 Organic Pillows. If your loved one is especially into yoga, they probably care a lot about their health. Many yoga enthusiasts make an extra effort to eat as clean as possible, perhaps vegan, locally-sourced, or organic. But, what about the chemicals in their life beyond the food they eat? It is important to realize that many of the same benefits of choosing to eat organic food also applies to using other every day products, like pillows. A new organic pillow or two will keep them healthier, be made of higher-quality materials, and even feel nicer!

#3 Muscle Roller Massage Stick. Have you ever seen some of those yoga poses and thought to yourself “How do they even do that???” The answer is by working through a lot of sore muscles! Because of this, a new foam roller is always appreciated. For a yogi who is really making progress toward the perfect Praying Mantis or Headstand With Lotus Legs, you can get one with spiked nodules for a deep tissue massage. It’s great for soothing post-yoga muscles all over.

#4 Lotus Flower Necklace. Everyone loves new jewelry and the lotus flower is particularly important to yoga enthusiasts. It is the symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind. Many also consider it a symbol of rebirth. Your recipient will love it even more if the lotus flower necklace is hand-made, which the internet makes finding quite easy.

Water Bottle

#5 Water bottle. Like any other type of exercise, yoga gets people pretty hot and sweaty. If you want to give someone a nice gift without blowing your budget, a quality water bottle is the way to go. It’s perfect because a water bottle is no fun to buy for yourself, but you need one. You’ll be so appreciated!

#6 A New Mattress. Sleep can ease away the effects of the day with nightly regeneration, boosting immunity and replenishing every cell. Perhaps the yoga lover in your life is someone very special to you. What better gift than the restorative powers of a night spent in deep sleep? A high-quality, luxury mattress made from PranaSleep is the perfect way to show them how much you truly care about them, their wellbeing, and their life’s energy. These mattresses are designed specifically to help them live well and awake rested each and every morning.

Yoga bag

#7 Yoga mat bag. Who wants to carry their mat, bottle, and roller around with their arms full? Get your favorite Yogi a new bag! Be sure to find one with a smaller section for their keys and other needed essentials. How convenient!

We all have at least one fit friend or family member in our lives who considers themselves a Yogi. Whether you want a little stocking stuffer for the coworker you picked in your office’s Secret Santa or you need to go all out for your spouse, this list is a great jumping off point. Yoga enthusiasts care about their body, their soul, and the energy around them. Show them how well you know them by giving them a gift that aligns with their lifestyle.

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