Bedroom Decor Tips: 5 Ways to Get Creative with Your Headboard

Bedroom Decor Tips: 5 Ways to Get Creative with Your Headboard

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You already have a luxury mattress that is the best of the best. Now, it’s time to complete your bedroom oasis with some décor that makes the entire room look as great as your bed feels. Sure, accent pieces like lamps and plants go a long way to completing your style. Don’t forget about one really big item your eye is naturally drawn to when entering the bedroom: your headboard!

Headboards can and should do a lot more than stop your pillow from touching the wall. They can make a major statement. Get creative! Get stylish! Get your room looking a way that reflects you! One of these may be just the thing you’re looking for to take your bedroom décor to the next level:

#1 Reclaimed wood. Wood never goes out of fashion. It’s a classic material that complements any decorating style and offers endless versatility. When you want to change your style, wood is able to switch up its look too! If you want an eco-friendly headboard to go with your Organics Collection mattress, using reclaimed wood is the perfect place to begin. This is a great way to add a lot of style to your room while doing the environment a favor. It is a win/win for everyone.

#2 Bold print and designs. For a while now, wallpaper and bold accent walls have been en vogue. Today’s most groundbreaking designers are now switching it up and doing the opposite! Instead of a plain upholstered or wood headboard against a patterned wall, put the designs on your headboard. Against a white, beige, or light wall, use a headboard that is polka dots, floral, stripes, or any other fun design. Talk about a focal point! If you are worried a "busy" bedroom will detract you from a good night's sleep, be sure to balance this type of headboard with simple, solid bedding.

#3 Chalkboard for a kid’s room. Don’t limit your creativity to just your bedroom! A chalk headboard creates a fun and simple statement piece for a child’s bedroom. Write your little one a note they’ll see first thing in the morning, or hand them the chalk and let them get creative. The best part about this idea is they can have a “new” headboard design every time they have an idea pop into their head. Just be sure to give them dustless chalk!

#4 Unique shapes, sizes, and materials. There's nothing more striking than a headboard in a different shape or texture than you've ever seen before, like a funky polygon or smooth curved design. You may also want to forego wood or fabric and find a striking texture, like a velvet. You can get an oversized headboard that extends much wider than your mattress. Even better, combine all three for a truly awe-inspiring statement piece.

#5 Oriental rug. Rugs don't have to be relegated to the floor. In fact, when you have a fabulous Persian carpet, you want to put it where everyone can see it! Drape or nail one over a wooden headboard for an unexpected design detail that is sure to pop. A beautiful, handmade rug is sure to steal the spotlight as the brightest element in the room. As an added bonus, this is a fast and easy fix for adding color and interest to a guest room that has overnight visitors coming in shortly.

The right luxury mattress allows you to sleep all night and wake up refreshed the next morning. The right headboard stands on it own as a beautiful piece of furniture. Put them together and you have a bed you’ll never want to leave!

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