Box Spring or Foundation: What’s the Difference and Which is Right for You?

Box Spring or Foundation: What’s the Difference and Which is Right for You?

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Your mattress should be comfortable, with the right amount of support and spinal alignment to help you get your best rest. After carefully choosing between one with only Talalay latex and models with innersprings, and then finding a comfort level that matches your sleep style, you’ve finally picked a new premium mattress. And next, you’re faced with another decision- What are you going to put this new mattress on top of? Did you know that your mattress needs good support, too? You’ve probably heard of a box spring before, but what does this really mean? Is it the same thing as a foundation? And what about an adjustable bed base? All of a sudden, you realize you have a whole other product to learn about!

Box Springs

A box spring is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a wooden-framed box with coils or springs inside to support your mattress. Box springs are good bases for innerspring mattresses because they help distribute the weight of the mattress evenly. At PranaSleep, we have an exclusive, patented coil box that we developed to go with our premium mattresses.  It acts as a shock absorbent, an active working box that adds years of life to the mattress! No-one else in the industry has anything like it!


A foundation is basically anything that supports, raises, and houses your mattress. Today’s top foundations consist of a wooden frame and slats. Foundations are firmer bases than box springs because they’re spring-less, which makes them the ideal base for your new luxury mattress. To go perfectly with your new PranaSleep mattress, we developed the PranaSleep EuroSlat Foundation. The slats in a EuroSlat Foundation are hard beechwood imported from Germany and secured in rubber couplets that are designed to pivot side to side and head to toe, contouring to your natural body curves. There are six dual slats in the lumbar area where the tension may be tightened or loosened to offer pressure relief. They are designed to move under your body as you slumber, offering more pressure relief than a mattress alone can provide. This foundation is engineered to absorb downward pressure, eliminating unnecessary compression of materials. In addition, the slats around the hip area are adjustable, providing a customized level of comfort.

By enjoying the flexibility a PranaSleep EuroSlat Foundation gives, you will experience less pressure to your shoulders, hips, and feet. That is because the flexing of the slats helps the "hot spots" of the body and reduces pressure to create greater blood flow. All of this serves to reduce tossing and turning and allows you to stay in a deeper level of sleep. This deep, undisturbed sleep is what your body needs to be healthy.

And Don’t Forget… Adjustable Bed Bases

Wouldn’t it be great if your foundation could do more than just lie there? An adjustable bed is a base for your mattress that can be moved or “adjusted” to a number of different positions. Common adjustments include inclining the upper body and raising the lower body independently of each other. Adjustable bed bases are proven to have real health benefits. Sleeping on an adjustable bed has been shown to alleviate Sleep Apnea, snoring, and Insomnia. It also lessens back pain, reduces circulation issues, and lessens heartburn. Plus, it makes it easier to read or watch television in bed. If you regularly pile up pillows behind your head, this is an option worth looking into.

If you’re looking for an adjustable bed base, know that we offer our EuroSlat Foundation in an adjustable version as well! Our Adjustable EuroSlat PowerBase Foundation features programmable positions and a deluxe massage feature, all controlled from a wireless remote. All PranaSleep mattresses are able to be paired with an adjustable bed base.

You put a lot of thought into your premium mattress. After all, you wanted the best. When you purchased a PranaSleep luxury mattress, that is exactly what you got! But, what is your mattress resting on? Your mattress’s foundation matters much more than you may realize. You cannot say you’re truly sleeping on the best of the best without the right support system for your mattress! Just like your premium mattress, the design and materials of your foundation are absolutely crucial to how you feel, as well as how long your sleep system stays top-quality. You’ll want to know for sure you’re placing it on top of a high-quality foundation or adjustable bed base.

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