How and Why to Adjust the Slats on your EuroSlat Foundation

How and Why to Adjust the Slats on your EuroSlat Foundation

Adjust the Slats on your EuroSlat Foundation

When you buy a new luxury mattress, it is recommended by sleep industry experts to purchase a foundation at the same time. You see, your mattress’s foundation supports the mattress by providing a buffer between the bottom of the mattress and a bed frame made of metal or wood. While your mattress supports you all night long, and the foundation supports it! 

It isn’t just about your comfort, but also about the longevity of your mattress. A proper foundation helps to prevent any natural sagging that can occur in a mattress over an extended period of time. Remember, your new PranaSleep mattress has a 10 year factory warranty, and you want it to last this long. This means taking care of it. Your new mattress is an investment in your health and happiness, and so you want it to stay in top-condition for as long as possible. With this in mind, we strongly encourage you to look into our foundation options that come with euroslats, which are the Om EuroSlat Foundation, Adjustable PranaSleep EuroSlat PowerBase, and Adjustable Om EuroSlat PowerBase.

Why are these foundations better than a more traditional, “regular” foundation? The slats in a EuroSlat Foundation are hard beechwood imported from Germany and secured in rubber couplets that are designed to pivot side to side and head to toe, contouring to your natural body curves. These couplets, also known as “adjusters,” are designed to move under the weight of your body as you sleep. This ability to be pressed down means a EuroSlat Foundation offers more pressure relief than a mattress alone can provide. By sleeping on a mattress with this kind of foundation, you will experience less pressure to your shoulders, hips, and mid-section. That is because the flexing of the slats helps the "hot spots" of your body and reduces pressure to create greater blood flow. You won’t even feel that the slats are being compressed as you lie down on them. All you will know is that you are tossing and turning less and staying in a deeper level of sleep longer. This is what it’s all about! Deep, undisturbed rest and rejuvenation is what your body needs to be healthy, what your mind needs to be in a good mood the next day, and what your soul needs to wake up refreshed.

The beechwood slats are engineered to provide weightless support by working with the natural curves of your body through pivoting, moving up and down, and compressing. We recommend you visit a PranaSleep retail partner to feel these foundations for yourself. A Euroslat Foundation is engineered to follow the natural curves of your body and absorb downward pressure, eliminating unnecessary compression of materials. In addition, the slats around the hip area are adjustable, providing a customized level of comfort.

The possibility to adjust your slats is something worth taking a deep dive into. That’s what makes these foundations so special. You won’t find anything else like it! The adjusters are on the six dual slats in the middle of the foundation. When the adjusters are pushed out to the sides of the box spring, it tightens the tension on those six slats. This makes the foundation, and therefore your mattress, feel more firm. If you prefer the opposite, you can instead push them to the center of the foundation, which loosens the tension and makes the bed feel like it has more “give.”

So, you buy a new mattress and foundation and then put the slats how you want them to be. Are you all finished? Actually, no. As mentioned briefly above, there is a natural sagging of your mattress that will happen over the next eight to 10 years. As you sleep on it every night and the mattress becomes softer, you can adjust the slats to keep the exact level of firmness you have come to know and love! It is recommended that you move these slats about an inch every two years. The ability to customize the comfort of the mattress as your mattress ages and your needs change are a tremendous benefit of a EuroSlat Foundation. 

We want you to sleep deeply and live boldly! This begins on the very first night. When your Euroslat Foundation and new mattress are delivered to your home, we recommend you try one setting for a few weeks. It is not recommended that you frequently change the adjusters, as this may mean it takes additional time for your body to adjust to sleeping on the new mattress. 

Think of the EuroSlat Foundation as a shock absorber, actively working to prolong the life of your luxury mattress. Reducing the pressure between your body and the mattress allows your PranaSleep premium mattress to hold its shape, reducing a visual body impression and allowing the comfort of your sleep system to continue for years to come. Your new mattress is an investment, and adding on a EuroSlat Foundation is one way to ensure you’re as happy with it as possible.

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