How to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom to Make it Feel More Spacious

How to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom to Make it Feel More Spacious

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Boston, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami Beach- some of the most sought-after real estate is so precious because there’s very little of it. You wanted to live downtown in your favorite city, in a fantastic apartment or condo near where all the action takes place. Now that you’re living in your dream home, though, it is common to look after you move in and feel a little...squished. Apartment living in these downtown residences are incredibly luxurious, yet lacking in space

This can be a problem when you have guests coming to town. Your extra bedroom hardly fits more than a bed! You want them to sleep great in your guest room, as well as enjoy their time in your home. This may seem impossible to fix, but a few expert decor and design tips are all you need to make your guest bedroom seem much more spacious than the square footage would lead you to believe is possible.

#1 Make creative storage a priority. The less stuff that needs to be placed on the ground, the more spacious the room will seem. This can take many forms. One of the easiest ways to do it is to place your guest room’s premium mattress on a bed with built-in storage. A few drawers under the bed will do wonders when it comes to giving them a place to unpack. You may also want to incorporate shelves and bins in the closet. When everything is in its place, there’s plenty of room for whatever they brought along.

#2 Draw the eye up. A fantastic way to distract from how narrow a bedroom is is to fill in the vertical space with eye catching decor like paintings hung above the bed, hanging lights, a bookcase, and aerial plants. Even if your guest room barely has the space for a queen bed and a nightstand or two, your overnight guests will only notice how great the room looks as they’ll automatically look up when they enter.

#3 Paint the room a darker color. You may have heard that white or other light colors make a room feel larger, but this isn’t always true. If you’re dealing with low natural light, like perhaps only one small window in the room, a deep navy or royal purple is just the thing to cozy up the space and make the room have an enveloping effect. Don’t be afraid to pair the dark paint color with dark bedroom furniture as well! 

#4 Place plenty of mirrors in the room. Try mounting mirrors on your walls to reflect light and make the bedroom seem bigger. It will give the space a larger feel than its actual size. Beyond just full length, wardrobe mirrors, you can also incorporate a lucite lamp, glass desk, clear vase, or other glass accent pieces to continue the effect. It’s all about playing tricks on the eyes!

#5 Place the bed in the corner. When space is an issue, decisions have to be made. If you want enough walking around space, the best way to allow for this is to place the bed fully up against the wall opposite the door, into the corner. This creates a cozy little sleeping space that will be incredibly comfortable and relaxing when they crawl in!

Your first step is to outfit your guest room with the same type of high-quality, luxury mattress you have in your master bedroom- a PranaSleep. Once this is done, you know your guests will get the deep, restorative rest they need after traveling and enjoying their vacation days in your city. Beyond just sleeping great, you want them to feel like they can spread out, relax, and enjoy themselves. That often requires using one, two, or more, of these expert design tips. 


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