How to use Wallpaper to Add a Premium Feel to Your Bedroom

How to use Wallpaper to Add a Premium Feel to Your Bedroom

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When you contact your interior designer about redoing your home, you may be shocked to hear a suggestion of wallpaper. It’s true; wallpaper is back in a big way! Part of this new trend is because people are seeing that it is an easy way to elevate a premium room to be trendy again without a major overhaul. 

The right wallpaper offers nearly instant texture, color, and pattern. Yet, it can be intimidating to use it in a bedroom design. After all, your luxury bedroom is important to you! It’s your personal space, an area that should be peaceful and relaxing. The key is to choose a palette and pattern that suits your aesthetic. If you’re a modern-art lover, go bold with bright colors and an eye-catching pattern. If you want your bedroom to be more Zen temple than an art museum, outfit your peaceful place with a neutral color and a natural texture. There’s a wallpaper style for everyone!

#1 Botanical and earth prints are high fashion. You’d be forgiven for thinking wallpaper is all about color. In fact, what you really want to find is a pattern that you love. Today’s top interior designers are loving earthy prints, like a botanical garden, tropical leaf prints, or other nature scenes. What better way to feel totally at peace and connected than sleeping in a busy floral garden? Sepia-toned versions are ideal for those who don’t want their botanical prints to feel too “girly” or “child-like.”

#2 Look beyond colors to texture. Wallpaper is more than just a design. Today’s top wallpaper has texture and feel to it as well. When you opt for wallpaper that adds dimension to your room, you won’t believe you lived so long with bland, blank walls. Available options include grass-covered walls for a subtle texture or shells for a tropical vibe. Some wallpaper has textured “bumps” that follows a unique, artistic design. 

#3 Wallpaper doesn’t have to be paper at all! Today’s wallpaper is nothing like what your grandmother had decades ago. While wallpaper is traditionally made of paper, new luxury wallpaper also comes in several other materials including cork, grasscloth, leather, and metallic finishes. Going with one of these means your walls are likely to last up to five times longer than that of an ordinary paint job. Once you have enjoyed the luxury of grasscloth or leather wallpaper in your bedroom, there is little doubt you will ever return to boring old paint again!

#4 Consider just an accent wall. All it takes is the simplest of touches to make a big difference. Perhaps you’re not ready to pull the trigger just yet on an entire room of wallpapered walls. That’s why an accent wall is such a great idea! Covering one wall with a bold print or color takes your space from bland and immediately gives it a cool wow-factor. When you go with one of today’s best wallpaper in a jaw-dropping print, like palm fronds, waves, gardens, geometric shapes, fruit, or birds, your room will feel complete. Because it only covers a small section of your room, the wallpaper can easily be removed and changed if you ever get bored of the design you chose.

Your home is filled with all the things you love to look at, smell, and feel. You probably have a couch you enjoy watching television on. Your deck has an outdoor living area that allows you to enjoy grilling, swimming, and socializing. Your bedroom has a comfortable PranaSleep mattress, of course. With a premium mattress you’re getting better sleep than ever! Yet, your bedroom isn’t just a functional room. Creating a true sleep sanctuary that you love to rejuvenate in means designing a room that feels relaxing because you love the way it looks. This means, as important as your bed is, it can’t be the only part of your bedroom you pay special attention to.

A wall doesn’t have to be a blank spot. This expanse is full of possibilities! Hopefully, this list gives you some inspiration to take to your interior designer. There are countless ways and styles to cover your walls, depending on the mood and feel you want the room to display. With a few tips from the luxury design professionals, you can make your bedroom canvas come to life!

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