How Your Premium PranaSleep Mattress Help with Pressure Points

How Your Premium PranaSleep Mattress Help with Pressure Points

Premium Mattress for Pressure Points

 A premium mattress is the cornerstone of a good night’s sleep, so choosing which one is right for you is a big decision. There are quite a few factors to take into consideration when buying the perfect luxury mattress. If you regularly toss and turn at night, you want to find not just a good mattress but the best mattress for pressure points.

No matter your body shape or sleep position, certain parts of your body come into contact with our mattress before other parts. In order to have the correct alignment and not wake up with sore hips or shoulders, you need a mattress that allows these parts to sink in until the rest of your body is supported.

What are Pressure Points?

You’re almost asleep when something in your mind tells you to roll over and find a new position. Why is this? This is your body telling you that you’re lying on a pressure point and you need to take your weight off of this part of your body, so you don’t wake up with aches and pains in the morning. If you regularly toss and turn throughout the night or wake up in the morning feeling less than rejuvenated, it’s quite possible that you are struggling with this issue.

Without a bit of “give” in the right places, you will not be able to maintain a neutral spine alignment while you sleep. This issue is most common in side sleepers who aren’t currently sleeping on the right mattress for their favorite sleep position, but anyone and everyone can struggle. The best mattress for pressure points will help relieve this and support natural spinal alignment, which also contributes to reduced back, neck, shoulder, and hip pain. 

Why is a Premium PranaSleep Mattress the Best Mattress for Pressure Points?

The PranaSleep story is one derived from something more special than just selling a product: a love for making mattresses that help people sleep better and live better. This is why we incorporate a special blend of natural Talalay Latex in our mattresses, to provide the perfect balance of support and pressure-relieving comfort. This proprietary blend of latex helps your mattress conform to the curves of your body in order to provide comfort and support. This gives you the spinal alignment you need to wake up without aches and pains.

Talalay Latex is not just foam! A premium latex mattress tends to feel lighter and have less hug than a similar option made from memory foam. This means you won’t sink as far down, which is great for people who tend to get hot when they sleep. They still relieve pain and pressure points in your back, joints, neck, and shoulder, but have a more general contour. You will find this material in several places. The PranaSleep Performance Talalay Core is composed of their proprietary Talalay Latex foam rubber, the highest-grade mattress foam available. It has more than triple the natural rubber as ordinary Talalay latex, offering perfect comfort and support. It is also within the PranaSleep Performance Talalay Comfort Layer. By layering densities of the Talalay latex, these mattresses offer maximum pressure relief and enhance conformance for a deeper, more restorative night of sleep.

Unsurpassed knowledge, honest integrity, and attention to detail are what the PranaSleep brand was founded on. These remain the guiding principles, years and years after the founding of our brand. It’s no wonder our luxury mattresses are so great!

Our Top Offerings to Alleviate Pressure Points

A PranaSleep mattress is among the most luxurious on the market. Some of this has to do with our Talalay Latex. As well, our patented pocketed coils were created specifically with pressure points in mind. If you’re buying a new mattress in order to help with pressure points, we encourage you to start your search with these three options:

Karma Moon Firm

It isn’t just our Talalay Latex we’re so proud of. This mattress is in our Karma Collection, which are our innerspring mattresses. They feature a wrapped-coil construction that is ideal for those looking for pressure relief. Crafted of unique-geometry pocketed coils for more bounce and added pressure relief, this mattress features a double row of firmer gauge coils surrounding the perimeter. 

Super Vinyasa 6 Super Plush Mattress

This mattress is designed for sleepers who want to be extra relaxed in a true sleep oasis. As incredibly soft as it is, it still provides pressure-relieving support though, thanks to its Performance Talalay Latex Comfort Layer, PranaSleep UltraQuilt® with Outlast, and PranaSleep Patented Perimeter Wrap. 

Organics Super Hatha Supersoft

If you are in search of a top-quality natural sleep option, this mattress is for you. This is a super soft mattress, hand-crafted of the finest organic and natural materials. It was designed to ensure long-lasting comfort and pressure-relieving support. The Super Hatha is made from organic wool and natural Talalay Latex, and nearly the softest a mattress can get.

Don’t Forget Your Foundation!

All of these mattresses are able to be paired with an adjustable bed base. They raise both your upper and lower body, which nearly guarantees your best night of sleep ever. This is made easy by purchasing the Adjustable PranaSleep EuroSlat PowerBase at the same time as your new mattress. The slats in this EuroSlat Foundation are hard beechwood imported from Germany and secured in rubber couplets that are designed to pivot side to side and head to toe, contouring to your natural body curves. They are designed to move under the weight of your body as you sleep. This ability to be pressed down means a EuroSlat Foundation offers more pressure relief than a mattress alone can provide. 

A little upfront knowledge is all it takes to keep from losing sleep over choosing your new premium mattress. If you’re looking for true luxury each night, you're looking for PranaSleep. While this is true for every one of our mattresses, the actual design and materials used for each differs. Each premium PranaSleep mattress is unique and designed to meet specific wants and needs. Those looking for the best mattress for pressure points are sure to enjoy sleeping on any of the mattresses listed above. If you’re not sure which is right for you, we encourage you to go into a retail partner and lie down on one, two, or all of them to better help you decide!

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