Invest in Your Rest: Why Choosing a Premium Mattress is Better for Your Long-Term Sleep Goals

Invest in Your Rest: Why Choosing a Premium Mattress is Better for Your Long-Term Sleep Goals

Talalay Latex

PranaSleep mattresses are like nothing else on earth. Our beds are made with premium materials, some of which are even designed by NASA, and all of which make your best night of sleep possible. One of the materials we are most proud of is our proprietary blend of natural Talalay Latex. Blended with natural rubber, a renewable resource, this special latex is eco-friendly and extraordinarily durable, with the added benefits of being hypoallergenic, plus resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites. However, this is far from the only top-tier material used in our mattresses. While the Om Collection has a core comprised of 100% Talalay Latex, others use a mixture of Talalay and high-density foam with 100% organic cotton and wool.

PranaSleep combines years of sleep knowledge with state-of-the-art technology and materials to deliver a deep, restorative sleep. While we have no qualms about telling you exactly what is inside each of our mattresses, you may be wondering why it even matters. When it comes to your mattress, the quality matters. In fact, many experts that agree that when it comes to your sleep surface, cheaper is more expensive. A few of the reasons why include:

#1 It’ll last long term. You could buy a less expensive mattress, but you should not. Why? Because you know you’ll have it for far longer than you can expect with a cheaper mattress. After all, you intend to keep this bed for years to come, so even though you have to pay a little more up front, you won’t be replacing it any time soon.

#2 “Cheap” mattresses are exactly that- cheap. Paying less often means you’ll end up with a product of lesser quality, and quality often dictates lifespan. Cheaper shoes will wear out sooner. Cheaper luggage will get beat up while traveling and need to be replaced much sooner than the genuine leather bags. According to research by Consumer Reports, a mattress that costs several thousand dollars could potentially last for 20 years or more, while you’ll likely need to replace a mattress that costs only a few hundred dollars in four or five years.

#3 You won’t need to add additional costly items. A lesser-quality mattress that is made from cut-rate materials like vinyl, synthetic latex, and polyester will grow uncomfortable very quickly, if not right away. This will require you to begin purchasing extra items, like a mattress pad, more pillows, and extra blankets, in order to stay comfortable. All of a sudden, you are not even saving money any more and you don’t have a premium mattress to show for it.

#4 It could affect your health. Synthetic latex is significantly cheaper to produce than natural latex. Our natural latex requires growing and harvesting the Hevea-Brasiliensis (rubber) tree, which is time-consuming and costly. But this difference really matters. The harmful chemicals used to make cheap beds break down over time. In fact, a polyurethane mattress loses half its weight over ten years. Where does the weight go? It’s released into the air around you and you breathe in this chemical dust as you sleep. Our Organics Collection is made specifically for those who are concerned with the toxins in their bed, although all of our mattresses are made from safe and superior materials.

#5 You can’t put a price on the restorative rest your body needs. PranaSleep luxury mattresses offer you firm, yet supple support and are uniquely comforting and conforming to your body’s individual curves. Your body needs rest, and not just rest but deep, restorative sleep. You won’t get this kind of renewal on a bed made from lesser materials, or that hasn’t been made by hand by caring craftsmen.

True experts work on each and every PranaSleep mattress, pillow, and base, and it shows in the final product. These craftspeople use the latest innovations and technology, and their caring concern is encapsulated in every product we make. Our sleep systems are thoroughly scrutinized at each stage of production, culminating in a rigorous final inspection that ensures only the finest craftsmanship is accepted before your mattress is readied for your home.

The sleep you need is an investment, not an expense. We have put an incredible amount of thought into each detail, from the initial design to the very stitches that craft the bed. Each mattress is made by hand, right here in the United States of America, from experts who truly know the craft. As you can see, when it comes down to the rejuvenation your body needs, this truly matters.

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