Know Where Your Luxury Mattress Came From: 3 Important Questions to Ask

Know Where Your Luxury Mattress Came From: 3 Important Questions to Ask

Are you ready to buy a new mattress? Don’t purchase one just yet. You need to know a lot more about a mattress beyond just whether or not it is comfortable. Before you make a decision, it’s important to look into where and how any mattress you’re thinking of buying is made. Within the past few years, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of thousands of mattresses for failing to meet federal flammability standards. Many of these mattresses were made overseas, in countries like China.

In order to avoid getting sick, being put in danger, or simply wasting money on a mattress that doesn’t last for very long, you’ll need to ask a few questions before you make a purchase. These include:

Where is the mattress made? 

First and foremost, you want to know what country a product is manufactured in. The term “Made in the USA” means you can expect excellent craftsmanship and a superior product! A foreign import gives no guarantee of quality, because there is no true guarantee of the imported mattresses’ quality and longevity. Beyond this, consider the long-reaching effects of shipping a mattress across the world before it arrives in your bedroom. Mattresses that spend time in foreign warehouses and are shipped from faraway ports have a much higher risk of exposure to pests and vermin.

You may have never thought of buying a new premium mattress as “supporting a local business,” but it is when you choose a PranaSleep! PranaSleep mattresses are all U.S.A made. We have one manufacturing facility in Bonita Springs, Florida and another in Buffalo, New York. These facilities employ dozens of local workers who sew, cut, glue, inspect, and do other crafting jobs in order to create a true masterpiece with each and every mattress. Because it’s made here in America, you can know it’s a good-quality product and because it’s a PranaSleep, you can know it is the pinnacle of luxury.

How is it made? 

PranaSleep is handmade by master craftsmen and craftswomen. Their caring concern is encapsulated in every product we make! Our mattresses are meticulously handcrafted by these professionals using the latest innovations and technology. Our sleep systems are thoroughly scrutinized at each stage of production, culminating in a rigorous final inspection that ensures only the finest craftsmanship is accepted before your mattress is packaged and readied for the journey to your home.

American experts making your mattress isn’t just great for you, it’s better for the workers themselves. When products are made here in this country, federal and local governments can control working conditions and ensure that proper wages are paid. There are U.S. regulations in place to minimize accidents, while granting rights to employees for things like days off, health insurance, and more. Importing goods from abroad means that our government does not have that level of control and the company isn’t made to be transparent. Sweatshops are rampant in third-world countries where many products are manufactured, including mattresses. Buying a foreign-made mattress, in some cases, supports health and economic violations against workers abroad.

Are the materials safe? 

Mattresses made in the U.S.A. must meet strict health, safety, and environmental standards. PranaSleep uses organic cotton and wool, cashmere, silks, and natural latex. These are safe to sleep on. Organic cotton and wool, natural flame retardants, and nontoxic foams mean a mattress is 100 percent safe to use. Even if you’re not looking for a mattress to be 100% organic, you can still insist on safe foams and other inner materials. Products made with dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, PBDE, phthalates, or heavy metals will smell bad, break down quickly, and possibly cause adverse health effects. Materials don’t need to be totally organic to be free of harmful chemicals, but you do need to check for toxic materials.

The U.S. and the E.U have the toughest regulations, but other countries may not offer the same protections. As mentioned above, thousands of mattresses made in China were recalled after people slept many nights on a mattress that wasn’t able to pass fire regulations. That’s scary! Blended with natural rubber, a renewable resource, our Talalay Latex is eco-friendly and extraordinarily durable, with the added benefits of being hypoallergenic, as well as resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites. The fabrics used on all PranaSleep mattresses are carefully selected to enhance the performance, feel, and breathability of the sleep system. Special features, such as 100% organic cotton and Outlast® SmartFabric, are available on select PranaSleep sets. No detail is spared!

A little upfront knowledge is all it takes to keep from losing sleep, or more, over your new luxury mattress purchase. Unless you know where a mattress is coming from, you can’t be sure that the manufacturer adheres to guidelines that protect workers from health risks and exploitation. Beyond this, you can’t know that is was made to highest standards possible. Your PranaSleep mattress was made in America, by well-trained and well-paid American workers. These skilled craftsmen and seamstresses work with the world’s finest materials and pay attention to each stitch, resulting in a truly top-of-the-line mattress. This is just one more reason you can rest easy at night on your premium PranaSleep mattress!

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