Learn Which PranaSleep Mattresses are Ideal for Stomach Sleepers

Learn Which PranaSleep Mattresses are Ideal for Stomach Sleepers

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Many Americans, about 16%, sleep on their stomach every night. While back pain happens to all of us from time to time, those who sleep in this position are even more likely to suffer and deal with it in the long term. This is because while stomach sleeping has some pretty great benefits, like combating snoring, it also causes problems with your spine. It’s easy to see how this could happen on a poorly-made mattress that allows your spine to be bowed, night after night and year after year. This is why it’s especially important for stomach sleepers to choose a high-quality mattress that works for this sleep position. A firm mattress is a good option for those who sleep on their stomach, because it offers the comfort and support their spine needs.

If you sleep on your stomach, you should do what you can to learn about neutral spinal alignment. This will be the key to comfort, both at night in bed and during the day after you go about your daily activities. People carry a good portion of their weight across the chest, hips, and belly, which means sleeping on your stomach can cause an unnatural curving of the spine. This bowing, for hours on end, then leads to back pain. That doesn’t mean you need to switch from sleeping in the position you are most comfortable in, though. You simply need to find a high-quality mattress with the proper lumbar support you need and overall comfort you want. This means looking for a firm-feeling mattress.

Stomach sleepers should not cut corners when it comes to their mattress. Begin your search by trying out the PranaSleep Karma Collection. Our Karma Collection offers an innovative approach to coils and springs. After years of research and development, working with unique and superior components, PranaSleep has created a product unparalleled in the luxury mattress industry. An innerspring mattress made with low-quality coils will sag sooner, upsetting your alignment and leaving you with back pain. Don’t do this to yourself! The Karma Collection is crafted with unique-geometry pocketed coils for added pressure relief. It also features a double row of firmer gauge coils surrounding the perimeter. This translates into greater edge support and a broader sleep surface, so you can spread out without losing the support your spine needs. It is recommended to get a firm comfort level, like the Karma Moon Firm. The Karma Peace is offered in an extra firm comfort, to adequately support a stomach sleeper’s body. The Karma Earth and Karma Sky offer firm comforts as well, so you have plenty of options within our innerspring lineup!

You also may want to look into a firm comfort level outside of our innerspring offerings. Innersprings are by no means the only way to get the solid sleep surface you need to rest comfortably on your stomach. Our PranaSleep namesake collection has the Nidra Extra Firm mattress, a favorite among those who want a truly firm bed. This mattress is carefully crafted with a PranaSleep Performance Talalay Core®. This core is made from our proprietary formula with more than triple the natural rubber as ordinary Talalay latex. It’s a firm yet comfortable feel provided by some of the world’s finest materials, handcrafted by experts!

The comfort level you prefer is personal and unique, yet most stomach sleepers get the best deep rest on a firm surface. If a mattress is too soft, your hips and belly will sink in too deeply. Don’t worry about a Firm mattress being too hard to get comfortable on. Ours feature PranaSleep® Comfort Layers. This dreamy level of comforting contour is created by using different densities of our proprietary PranaSleep Performance Talalay latex and high-density foams. It is designed to offer maximum pressure relief and enhance conformance for deeper, more restorative sleep- no matter which sleeping position you prefer. As well, each mattress features a breathable quilt layer called the UltraQuilt® Layer. These luxury fabrics are expertly combined with specialty foams to create cool, cushioning relaxation.

Visit a PranaSleep retail partner and try out the Karma Collection, the Nidra, or any other firm mattress. As a stomach sleeper, it is quite possible you discover that you prefer this comfort option. When you are able to try it in the store, you’ll know for sure that this is the new mattress for you!


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