Luxury is in the Details: How PranaSleep's Handcrafted Design Ensures You Sleep Your Best

Luxury is in the Details: How PranaSleep's Handcrafted Design Ensures You Sleep Your Best

PranaSleep Design

If we asked you to tell us the difference between a world-class luxury car and something much cheaper and not as well-regarded, what would you say? After all, both cars have four wheels and four doors. They both have an engine that turns on and moves the car to where you want it to go. The difference is in the details of the vehicle. Whereas a subcompact car may have a radio, a Mercedes-Benz sedan has a Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Premium Sound System that you control via a huge in-dash touchscreen. All of a sudden, those two things don’t sound the same at all!

The same can be said for all luxury items, including your premium PranaSleep mattress. What makes these mattresses better, a true step above the rest, is in the details of the design, materials, and craftsmanship.

PranaSleep’s Design Process No detail is spared, and it all begins in the design process! The latest technological advances in mattress design are used on every mattress we create. In fact, our proprietary innovations have been awarded U.S. Patents for their advancement in the industry. Our patented PranaSleep Patented Spring Foundation® provides a unique, floating sensation and spring-like shock absorption that further relieves pressure points and conforms to each sleeper’s unique curves. We have also designed and patented the PranaSleep Patented Perimeter Wrap®, which is our unique way of wrapping the core and comfort layers with a durable non-woven fabric is able to gird and stabilize the mattress, eliminating the need for a foam encasement. This Perimeter Wrap gives the mattress supreme internal stability, edge-to-edge consistency and an effectively firmer sleep surface.

Our Luxury Materials A product is only as good as the materials it is made from. This is true for your shoes, your food, and of course your mattress. The fabrics used on all PranaSleep mattresses are carefully selected to enhance the performance, feel, and breathability of the sleep system. They each feature varying densities of our proprietary blend of Talalay latex, which provides core and comfort layers with firm, yet supple support. Talalay latex is uniquely comforting and conforms to your body’s individual curves. Blended with natural rubber, a renewable resource, it is eco-friendly and extraordinarily durable. It is also hypoallergenic, as well as resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites. Special features, such as 100% organic cotton and Outlast® SmartFabric, are available on select PranaSleep sets. 

Built by True Craftsman and Craftswomen Every PranaSleep mattress is proudly made in the USA at one of our state-of-the-art factories. Each one is meticulously handcrafted by expert craftspeople, and nothing less. PranaSleep’s master seamstress, Leticia Sanchez, is an example of this expert craftsmanship we are proud to share. She has played an integral role in pushing us to use more sophisticated designs and constructions, plus has been invaluable in helping us make better mattresses through the combination of precision machining and the unbeatable quality of hand-sewn craft. Our team’s caring concern shines through in every product we make, and every product you touch. Our mattresses are thoroughly scrutinized at each stage of production, culminating in a rigorous final inspection that ensures only the finest final product is accepted. We know it is absolutely perfect before your mattress is packaged and readied for the journey to your home.

We have provided a better night sleep for thousands of people all across the country. A lot more goes into how we build our mattresses than you may realize. This is more than just some springs and fabric. In fact, many of our mattresses don’t even have springs! Simply put- they’re built better. The materials being top-notch are one thing, but the process they are made in is quite another. All of these mattresses are handmade, in either our Bonita Springs, FL or Buffalo, NY facility.

We’re so sure each and every PranaSleep mattress is a piece of luxury, we’re willing to put a warranty behind them that covers your mattress for 10 to up to 25 years. Visit your nearest retail partner today and lay down on a piece of luxury for yourself! After just a few minutes you will agree- a PranaSleep mattress is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before!


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