Make Your Bedroom’s Empty Space into an Accent Wall

Make Your Bedroom’s Empty Space into an Accent Wall

Decorated Bedroom Accent Wall

You purchased a great home and have spent time filling it with all the things you love to look at, smell, and feel. You probably have a couch you love to watch television on. Your deck has an outdoor living area that allows you to enjoy grilling, swimming, and socializing. Your bedroom has a comfortable PranaSleep mattress, of course. With a premium mattress you’re getting better sleep than ever! Yet, your bedroom isn’t just a functional room. Creating a true sleep sanctuary that you love to rejuvenate in means designing a room that feels relaxing because you love the way it looks. This means, as important as your bed is, it can’t be the only part of your bedroom you pay special attention to. It’s time to look at your walls.

A wall doesn’t have to be a blank spot. This expanse is full of possibilities! From painting it with a bold accent color to adding mirrors or wallpaper, there are so many ways to turn a simple wall into a statement space. With a few tips from the luxury design professionals, you can make your bedroom canvas come to life! These never fail to add visual interest to a room:

#1 Choose complementary colors. The easiest way to create an accent wall is to paint one space in your bedroom a different color than the rest. All colors have complementary hues, and you probably already know more than you realize. Complementary colors are pairs of colors that, when combined, create the strongest contrast for those two colors. So-called “opposite colors” are, of course, black and white. Others include blue and yellow or green and red. Artists, painters, and graphic designers have been pairing complimentary colors together for centuries because they help create a “pop” that your brain and your eyes love.  

#2 Go with bold wallpaper. Wallpaper is back in a big way. Give your walls a romantic, modern, tropical, or antique feel with a high-impact wallpaper. Covering one wall with a bold print or color takes your space from bland and immediately gives it a cool wow-factor. Today’s best wallpaper has jaw-dropping prints, like palm fronds, waves, gardens, geometric shapes, fruit, and birds. The wallpaper can easily be removed or changed if you ever get bored.

#3 Use a medium beyond color to make a contrast. Your accent wall doesn’t necessarily need to be a different color. You can create the same effect by having the other bedroom walls empty and then decorating only one wall. One of the best ways to boost a room's style is with a statement piece of art, so think of a painting piece that is three or four separate canvas which takes up the entire length of the wall. You can also go with mirrors or antique plates. The visual contrast will be stunning, especially if your current walls are white.

#3 Hang a tapestry. If you’re concerned that the “in” style or your personal taste will change and you’ll be stuck with a spot in your room you don’t like, consider making your accent wall something that is easy to change. Hanging a tapestry behind your bed is perfect if your home has a boho, vintage, or eclectic vibe. When you’re ready for something new, simply switch it out with a new color or pattern. It’s also a fantastic way to support artisans across the world. Imagine having a piece hanging in your room that was hand-sewn by a monk in Bhutan or a woman in Africa.

From art to paint to wallpaper, transitioning a blank wall space into a focal point that really pops is a great way to love the look of your bedroom. There are countless ways and styles of dressing a long wall depending on the mood and feel you want the room to display. When you create dimension, you’re turning your bedroom into a space you feel calm and relaxed to be in. This aids in your wellbeing and mental health. Go ahead and contact your interior designer and let him or her know you’re ready for a wall that stands out!

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