The Best Luxury Mattresses for Big and Tall Sleepers

The Best Luxury Mattresses for Big and Tall Sleepers

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Choosing your new premium mattress is extremely important. Sleep allows your mind and body to recover from the day, and the right mattress makes this not only possible but actually easy to achieve. When this process is interrupted, we don’t function at our best, so it’s important to get right. You may not realize that a mattress, especially a luxury mattress, is a personal choice. The mattress your mom loves may be far too firm for you. The mattress your best friend has in her guestroom may make you feel like you’re “sinking in,” yet she says she loves to sleep this way!

A variety of factors come into play when finding the perfect mattress. One thing that is near the top of that list may surprise you. It is your size. Larger people, such as tall, very muscular, and plus-sized individuals, have unique needs when it comes to their beds. If you weigh more than 200 pounds and are six feet or taller, it’s likely that you fall into this category. You probably already choose a lot of other things with a consideration for your size, from a car to an airplane seat. This simply means that you need a mattress that caters to your size as well. This is done in terms of durability, thickness, and firmness.

First, you’ll want to look at the comfort feel of a mattress. For heavier sleepers, plush mattresses may result in too much sinkage into the bed. If you like a soft feel to your mattress, we recommend a firm mattress with the addition of a mattress pad for extra comfort. Don’t forget about edge support! This is because heavier sleepers naturally take up more room. You’ll want to be able to sprawl out without feeling like you’re falling off the edges. Our PranaSleep Patented Perimeter Wrap® gives the mattress supreme internal stability, edge-to-edge consistency, and an effectively broader sleep surface.

Of course, you’ll also want to keep quality in mind. Plus-size mattress shoppers should place extra emphasis on finding a brand known for construction and durability, because your mattress will be holding up extra weight each night. You don’t want to be replacing a mattress every few years!

Many other mattress brands use memory foam. These mattresses can create painful pressure points for heavier individuals. Instead of memory foam, PranaSleep uses Talalay Latex. This is the highest-grade mattress foam available, offering perfect comfort and support. The mattress cradles your hips and shoulders for pain relief. It’s soft where you want it, while firm where you need it, keeping your spinal alignment where it should be. Plus, our flagship PranaSleep Collection features Outlast® Smart Fabric, which seamlessly absorbs excess body heat and releases it back as needed. These mattresses address the higher body temperatures of some plus-sized sleepers with cooling technology that creates better airflow. This unique fabric helps to facilitate the body’s cooling process, enabling the deep sleep your body needs.

If you love PranaSleep, but have a bed need that is a little unique, we will work with you to get your mattress perfect. This means custom making a mattress that is unique in the size as well as the materials and densities used inside. Particularly tall people may feel cramped on even the largest showroom mattress and have us create a PranaSleep mattress that is much longer than average. Someone who is heavy, well over 200 pounds, would feel more comforted and supported with a higher density foam or more coils- whichever feel they prefer. You could ask for a soft shoulder, a customized core, or anything else you have in mind.

When you’re looking for a new luxury mattress that is custom-made to support your height and weight, you can begin and end your search with PranaSleep. You see, we’ve already done this for many people in the past! Well-known athletes you would recognize from football, basketball, hockey, and tennis have had our master craftsmen create their mattresses to fit them perfectly. These world-class athletes are sleeping on a PranaSleep mattress and you should be too!

One last piece of good news is that custom making your new premium mattress won’t take nearly as long as you may think! You would be forgiven for thinking a project of this magnitude will take a long time to come to fruition. We can usually have your mattress created and at your home ready to sleep in about a week. Ideally, the most efficient way to get started would be to go into a store that carries PranaSleep mattresses and speak to a Sleep Expert there. They’ll help you get started.

No matter what your exact mattress needs are, we can create something perfect for you. Because our mattresses are so well-designed and hand-crafted, many big and tall people find the mattresses in showrooms are high-quality enough to help them sleep well. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be discouraged. We can make what you need and deliver it right to you!


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