The Health and Wellness Benefits of Growing Indoor Plants in Your Bedroom

The Health and Wellness Benefits of Growing Indoor Plants in Your Bedroom

Flowers in the bedroom

Houseplants can do more than just make your shelves look brighter. They actually offer a host of health and wellness benefits! The right plants will boost your mood, make you feel more creative, reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety, increase your productivity, and bring you tranquility. Beyond just feeling better mentally, they offer real health benefits where your lungs and breathing are concerned. Keeping plants in your house produce oxygen, allowing you to maintain low indoor humidity levels.

We’ve all been thinking a lot lately about improving our health, especially when it comes to our breathing and respiration. Plants act as natural filters for air pollutants. Dry indoor air can be blamed for many respiratory problems, like a sore throat or allergies. Because indoor plants emit water vapor during transpiration, they help to maintain or increase humidity levels. Plants also produce negative ions, and actually act in a way similar to expensive air-purifying machines. These negative ions attach themselves to and remove air particles such as mold, bacteria, dust, and allergens. When our air is pure, we breathe easier. 

The presence of plants has also been shown to increase psychological health, productivity, and overall well-being. It’s good for our body, mind, and soul to be in nature. When you cannot actually be outside, a few plants around your bedroom help you feel like you are.

And when people select just the right kinds, the scent they leave behind can bring along sweet dreams as you slumber. Be sure to choose live plants over cut flowers for their ability to clean the air and refresh the oxygen in the airspace, not just give off a good smell. Some of the most popular fragrant plants to keep in the bedroom include:



Gerbera Daisy




You don’t have to choose a flowering plant to reap benefits, though. One of the most popular choices for a bedroom is the Snake Plant. This plant is a fantastic choice for your bedroom because one of the top 10 air-purifying plants. It is actually one of few houseplants that convert CO2 into Oxygen at night as you’re sleeping, which is something most houseplants only do during the day. English Ivy, Golden Pothos, and Spider Plants are common choices as well. If you’re looking for something incredibly low-maintenance, you can’t go wrong with succulents. Adding succulents or cacti to your home helps keep air fresh and remove toxins from the environment, with very little effort and watering from you.

Be sure you learn the light requirements of the plants you choose and position them across the bedroom in areas where they will thrive. Dead plants won’t do you any good at all! You’ll also want to open the bedroom curtains during the day to let in enough light for the plants to stay in good health- and remember that this exposure to natural light is good for you too. Water each one on a regular basis by following the requirements of their unique species.

Not everyone likes sleeping on the same mattress or painting their bedroom the same color. Just the same, different people will like different plants. Experiment with different kinds of plants, finding the fragrance combination and aesthetic look you favor the most. You may even want to consider changing the plants' positions on occasion to see if that has an impact on sleep quality. 

Indoor plants not only beautify the room, but also refresh the airspace as you sleep by producing oxygen. Taking the time to figure out your personal sleep preferences goes a long way in improving both the quality and quantity of sleep enjoyed each day. When creating your perfect sleep oasis, don’t forget to add some indoor plants! They’ll allow you to breathe clean air, even when inside your bedroom.


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