Upgrade the Guest Room Bed to a Premium PranaSleep Mattress

Upgrade the Guest Room Bed to a Premium PranaSleep Mattress

It’s that time of year again. It is time to begin thinking about plans for the Holiday Season! You know that when the holidays arrive, so do many out-of-town guests. Your friends and family who come to stay at your home during the festivities deserve to have a great place to sleep! You put a lot of energy and thought into getting the perfect premium mattress for your own room. Have you stopped to consider what the mattress is like in your guest room? 

Now is the time to visit a PranaSleep retail partner and find a supportive, comfortable mattress that will last for years to come. Your mattress is what allows your body to reach the deep, restorative sleep you need- each and every night. That is exactly what you want to provide your guests as well. When shopping for a guest room mattress, a few of the most popular options include:

#1 The Lotus Collection. The PranaSleep Lotus Collection is the ultimate choice in affordable relaxation. By combining advanced technology with intelligent design and top-tier construction, our expert designers along with superior craftsmen and craftswomen have created a mattress guaranteed to deliver lasting satisfaction. The unsurpassed support of the Namaste 5, Pranayama 5, and Asana 6 will allow your guests to wake refreshed and rejuvenated each morning, ready for another day of vacation!

#2 The Organics Collection. If you or your guests are committed to living in as eco-friendly a manner as possible, you want a mattress in our highly-regarded Organics Collection. The superior, natural choice, the Dharma, Bhakti, Hatha, and Super Hatha will make your guests feel right at home in a bedroom they can feel about. That is because not only do these mattresses have a core made from 100% natural latex, imported from the Netherlands, they also feature 100% natural Talalay Latex comfort layers, a quilt layer, and the PranaSleep Patented Perimeter Wrap®. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable!

#3 The Om Collection. In order to provide the pinnacle of luxury to your guests, you want them sleeping on a mattress in the PranaSleep Om Collection. Featuring natural silk, wool, and cashmere, as well as a core and comfort layers comprised of 100% natural Talalay latex, our Om mattresses deliver the ultimate luxury sleep experience. Whether you go with the Patanjali, Shanti, Guru, Vayu, or Super Vayu, your guests will have the deep sleep experience they’re entitled to.

These are far from your only choices in a high-quality, luxury mattress from PranaSleep. Once you decide on the mattress for the room, you are not finished quite yet. Don’t forget the premium pillows and other sleep essentials. When you purchase a new mattress, it is the perfect time to get brand new luxury pillows, a mattress pad, and anything else the bed needs. If your out-of-town guests are older or have certain health ailments, or you simply want to provide the best sleep environment possible, you should look into outfitting the bed with an adjustable base as well. The PranaSleep Powerbase foundation features programmable positions and a deluxe massage feature, all controlled from a wireless remote. Your guests won’t ever want to leave! 

The holidays are a hectic time for everyone. When you add the inherent stress of travel on top of that, it’s easy to see why your guests would need to have the perfect sleep oasis! Help your guests get the good night’s sleep they need after a long flight or late holiday party by allowing them to sleep in an amazing guest room set up with the best PranaSleep mattress and other sleep essentials. Your guests deserve nothing less than the best, just like you!


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