Upgrade your master bedroom

Upgrade Your Bedroom from Lifeless to Luxury

upgrade your master bedroom

Nowhere feels quite like home and your bedroom is the most personal space in your entire house. You relax, recharge, and sleep here, so of course you want it to be comfortable. For true luxury lovers, this isn't quite enough. You want it to feel premium as well! If you haven’t accomplished this yet, it is time to give your personal space the lavish makeover it deserves. 

It doesn’t take much to create a feeling of luxury. By including a top-tier mattress, combining rich colors and tactile textures, adding a few well-placed accessories, and keeping any sort of clutter to a minimum, you will have your room just the way you like it. To help you get started, here are some simple tips to turn things around for your space: 

#1 Premium mattress

Your room can’t be great without an exceptional mattress. After all, your bed is the central piece of your room- both in function and physical space. If your bed isn’t providing you the comfort and support you need then it is time to invest in a new premium mattress. PranaSleep has a luxury mattress for you, no matter what your sleep needs and comfort desires are. Do you prefer a firm, innerspring mattress? Would you like a top-of-the-line premium mattress made from natural Talalay Latex, wool, and cashmere? How about an eco-friendly organic mattress? Shop our website and find your favorite! 

#2 Four-poster bed frame

There’s no denying that your bed is at the very heart of your bedroom, so beyond a comfortable and supportive mattress you want a bed that looks fabulous. The classic four-poster beds are back in a big way! Today’s top designers are making them to fit with any decor style. Of course, you can get them in a sturdy wood that gives off classical vibes, but you can also find modern styles, metallic pieces, and even those with mixed materials like glass. These beds look so romantic, you’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale when you lay down each night.

#3 Statement pieces

A luxury room is about more than just function. One-of-a-kind statement pieces are the key to creating an opulent feeling in the space. Avoid too-matchy furniture sets and opt for antique finds or modern twists on period pieces. You may want a blue velvet chaise, a gilded dresser, an eye-catching art piece, or a patterned armchair. These can add some stylish flair to an otherwise bland bedroom. Remember that less is more; don’t go overboard on the beautiful furnishings or they could detract from the luxury. Just one or two extra pieces will be enough.

#4 Plants

The health and wellness benefits of growing indoor plants in your bedroom cannot be overstated. From ferns to succulents, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to greenery that thrives indoors. If you want to make sure your plants add a touch of luxury, opt for a Jade Pothos Hanging Plant, citrus tree, or Ficus Tree floor plant. Imagine what a statement a six-foot-tall tree in your bedroom will make! Place a few of these beauties on either side of the doorway or at the end of your bed. 

#5 Organizational pieces

When choosing bedroom pieces, be sure to focus on furniture that has drawers, shelves, and other ways to help you store items. It’s impossible to achieve a feeling of opulence with too much clutter. When you keep things to a minimum, it allows your statement pieces to really stand out. Put books on a shelf and clear your dressing table of all but a few carefully chosen trinkets.

#6 Soft furnishings 

You’ll want to finish off the room with pieces that are cozy and plush, like accent pillows, a rug, and premium sheets. Adding this texture and warmth to your bedroom is one of the quickest and easiest ways to up the style factor, so it is not just about how it feels. By choosing either matching or complementary colors, you can pull your entire bedroom together! Pillows and throws in the right palette can instantly add interest. Mixing plain but textured pieces with one or two patterned accent pieces can make for a stylish and sophisticated effect you’ll be proud of. 

Sometimes, all it takes is the simplest of touches to make the biggest difference. As lockdowns and “safer at home” measures continue throughout the summer and fall, we’re spending more time at home than ever before. Why not make the most of this time and get started on the opulent overhaul you need in order to transition your bedroom from lifeless to luxurious? When you’ve created a true sleep oasis, both comfortable and gorgeous, you'll have the most relaxing and restorative bedroom ever.


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