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What Back Sleepers Need in a Luxury Mattress

back sleepers

According to the National Sleep Foundation, while only 8% of people sleep on their backs, this is thought to be one of the healthiest sleep position. Back sleeping keeps your head, neck, and spine in a “neutral” alignment, taking pressure off those areas and making it less likely you’ll wake up with aches and pains. That being said, you only reap these benefits if you're back sleeping on a premium mattress that offers you the support you need to stay aligned. Spending all night on a weak, unsupportive mattress as a back sleeper will leave you sore and miserable.

If you’re ready to purchase a new premium mattress, this is something you’ll certainly want to keep in mind. Above all, you want to make sure you will be adequately supported while you sleep and remain comfortable as well. This can be done by purchasing a high-quality, innerspring mattress. 

Here’s what to look for if you’re a back sleeper in order to guarantee your best night of sleep, one that keeps your spine aligned:

#1 Individually wrapped coils

A “must have” feature of high-quality innerspring mattresses are coils that are individually encased in fabric so that they can move independently. That gives them the ability to contour to your body better than coils which are not encased this way. Due to the fact that pocketed coils aren’t attached to each other, they offer great motion isolation. If you’re a back sleeper who needs to toss and turn a bit in order to get into the right position, your partner won’t be disturbed by your movement.

#2 Top comfort layer

A mattress that has both a strong coil support base and a top layer designed to be incredibly comfortable is an ideal pick for back sleepers. PranaSleep innerspring mattresses feature the UltraQuilt® Layer. This is a breathable quilt layer that prevents the slab-like feel of non-quilted mattresses. Luxury fabrics are expertly combined with specialty foams to create cool, cushioning relaxation. Your mattress will be strong enough to keep your head, neck, and spine aligned, while cushiony enough to envelop you in comfort. 

#3 Medium to firm comfort level

You need an innerspring mattress that is firm enough to support your lumbar spine. For many sleepers who spend eight hours on their back, a firmer comfort level is preferred so you don’t feel like you are “sinking in.” When a mattress is too soft, the weight of your hips will pull you down into the bed. However, each PranaSleep mattress is made so well, handcrafted by experts, that it will be strong enough to support you even if you decide upon a softer feel.

#4 Adjustable bed base

It’s hard to go overboard with just now beneficial an adjustable bed base is for back sleepers. PranaSleep offers three premium adjustable bed base options, the Adjustable PranaSleep PowerBase, Adjustable PranaSleep EuroSlat PowerBase, and top-tier Adjustable Om EuroSlat PowerBase. You cannot say you’re truly sleeping on the best of the best without one! These bed bases are engineered to follow the natural curves of your body and absorb downward pressure, eliminating unnecessary compression of materials. In addition, the lower body and upper body areas are adjustable, providing a customized level of comfort. Sleeping this way reduces Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, chronic pain, and so much more. Beyond the health benefits, it’s also more comfortable to read or watch TV in bed.

PranaSleep has an entire collection of premium mattresses dedicated to giving you the innerspring support you need with the cushiony comfort you love. Our Karma Collection has four unique mattress offerings, like Moon, Sky, Earth, and Peace.  

After years of research and development, working with unique and superior components, we've created a product unparalleled in the industry. This is not your ordinary innerspring mattress! Each mattress in the Karma Collection is crafted of unique-geometry pocketed coils for more bounce and added pressure relief. The Karma Collection mattresses all feature a double row of firmer gauge coils surrounding the perimeter. This translates into greater edge support and a more broad sleep surface. Each one is carefully crafted using the finest materials, like PranaSleep® Karma Coils, our proprietary PranaSleep Performance Talalay latex and our Everlast™ high-density foams, plus an UltraQuilt® Layer and PranaSleep Patented Perimeter Wrap®. After laying down on one of these luxury mattresses, you’ll know this is the right mattress for you to spend the night on!

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