What Sets a Premium PrananSleep Mattress Apart from the Rest?

What Sets a Premium PrananSleep Mattress Apart from the Rest?

PranaSleep Better Than The Rest

There’s been a big focus lately on getting the items you want made fast and delivered as quickly as possible, for a price that is as cheap as possible. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting what you want, you would be remiss to put convenience over quality when it comes to your mattress. There’s one thing a cheap, quickly-made mattress can’t deliver: a true luxury sleep experience, at least not the way a PranaSleep mattress can.

A premium mattress, made with quality materials and engineered for maximum comfort and support, just can’t be made in a few minutes and stuffed into a box. The best things in life take a little time and are well worth waiting for. This applies to your brand new PranaSleep mattress. We can tell you this because:

#1 These mattresses are built to last. Have you ever bought a cheap pair of sandals because you need to wear them that day? Did they last very long? Probably not. With nearly all items, a cheap price correlates with cheap quality. This isn’t what you want from a mattress. You want your mattress to be built to last at least eight years, if not longer. This means choosing a mattress from a company known for superior craftsmanship and a fantastic warranty they truly stand behind. Luxury is built to last!

#2 The details, design, and expert craftsmanship are second to none. No luxury car would be complete without the trimmings- the genuine Italian leather seats, the premium surround sound system, and the interior two-tone wood trim. When it comes to attention to detail, a luxury mattress is no different. No detail is spared on your PranaSleep mattress. Every PranaSleep mattress is proudly made in the USA at one of our state-of-the-art factories. These mattresses are thoroughly scrutinized at each stage of production, culminating in a rigorous final inspection that ensures only the finest craftsmanship is accepted before your mattress is readied for the journey to your home. Whether you shop online or purchase from one of retail partners, the final product you receive will be perfect.

#3 Each mattress provides the cradling support and comfort you need. Luxury is about exceptional comfort. You need a surface that provides a combination of cushioning and support to achieve deep, rejuvenating sleep. PranaSleep luxury mattresses feature varying densities of our proprietary blend of Talalay latex foam- providing core and comfort layers with firm, yet supple support that are uniquely comforting and conforming to your body’s individual curves. That’s not all. Our mattresses also feature other luxurious materials to enhance every aspect of your sleep experience. For instance, our Om Collection features natural silk, wool, and cashmere, as well as a core and comfort layers comprised of this 100% natural Talalay latex. Our flagship PranaSleep Collection features Outlast® Smart Fabric which seamlessly absorbs excess body heat and releases it back as needed. This unique fabric helps to facilitate your body’s cooling process, enabling a deeper sleep that isn’t interrupted by getting too hot.

#4 We have the ability to custom make a mattress to suit everyone’s needs. If you have a bed need that is a little unique, we can work with you to get your mattress perfect. Because we handcraft our mattresses, our master craftsmen and craftsmen can make a bed to your specifications. When you order a custom-made luxury mattress from PranaSleep, you can choose the shape, size, and materials. While most of the custom mattresses we craft are for yachts and high-end motor coaches, this is far from the only situation they are extremely helpful. We have also created beds to a specific size for very tall people or those who want a bed big enough to cosleep with the entire family.

All of these applies to each and every PranaSleep mattress, whether you choose the eco-friendly Organics Super Hatha, an item in the innerspring Karma Collection, or the top-of-the-line Om Guru. If you’re not sure which PranaSleep mattress is right for you, stop into one of our retail partners and try out a few! You’ll feel the difference right away and know with absolute certainty that these mattresses are nothing like the rest. A premium PranaSleep mattress is luxury at its finest!

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