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The weightless contour of our handcrafted Asha Select Mattresses instantly soothes with several body-cradling layers of buoyant classic Talalay latex. Cooling with hyper-conductive textiles, the SensICE cool-to-the-touch ... More

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Firm mattresses are particularly beneficial for stomach sleepers and back sleepers because they provide the necessary support to maintain spinal alignment.

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  • Luxe Adjustable Base

    Elevate, recline, relax. Upgrade your sleep like royalty with innovative features, a multitude of benefits, and personalized positioning to find your ideal comfort zone.

  • Elite Adjustable Base

    Elevate, recline, relax. Upgrade your sleep like royalty with innovative features, a multitude of benefits, and personalized positioning to find your ideal comfort zone.

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The Asha Select Difference
Natural, copper-infused Talalay latex provides superior buoyancy, while thick, hand-stitched quilting and individually-wrapped coils delivers next level comfort.
Pure & Hypoallergenic
An optimal choice for those with asmtha and allergies, Classic Talalay Latex is naturally anti-microbial, resisting dust mites, mold, and mildew for clean sleep that lasts.
Natural Cooling
Our exclusive, hyper-conductive quilting cools on contact to help you fall asleep quickly. Unlike memory foam which retains body heat, breathable Talalay Latex disperses heat for all-night comfort.
Pressure Relief
Supple and elastic, our exclusive Classic Talalay Latex blend delivers invisible support, eliminating pressure points so you sleep undisturbed.
Buoyant Comfort
Unlike memory foam that engulfs the body, up to 11” of Classic Talalay Latex float the body for what happy sleepers say "feels like sleeping on a personal cloud."
Handcrafted for Exceptional Quality

Handcrafted for Exceptional Quality

Nothing impacts your well-being like better sleep. That's why we persue perfection in every mattress. Each Asha Select mattress is hand-crafted to order in our U.S. workshops and meticulously inspected every step of the way. The result? Luxurious comfort, unmatched quality, and exceptional reliability. Only then will it earn a 15-year warranty, a PranaSleep label, and a place in your home.

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Why Talalay Latex?
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Memory foam engulfs the body. But Talalay Latex floats the body atop the mattress for maximum support, pressure-relief, and luxurious comfort.
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Talalay Latex is naturally breathable, so you'll stay cool without chemical additives. Our proprietary blend infuses air into the latex, creating an open-cell structure that dissipates heat so you sleep cool and comfortable all night.
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Supple and responsive, Talalay Latex provides invisible support, instantly adapting to your body to ensure proper spinal alignment. It constantly conforms to your shape, minimizing pressure points, reducing tossing and turning, and improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles for truly restorative sleep.
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Talalay Latex resists dust mites, mold, and mildew, making it an optimal choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. It's naturally anti-microbial and unlike petroleum-based memory foam, produces no toxic off-gasses.
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Our Talalay Latex sleep systems are built for resilience and can last up to 20 years, saving you money in the long run.
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Our Natural Talalay Latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree plant. It is sustainably sourced, biodegradable, and manufactured without chemical solvents or fillers. While some “luxury” brands source Dunlop Latex, a less expensive and more dense product, we source exclusively Talalay Latex which is softer, more durable, more breathable (i.e. cooler), and consistent in feel.

Adjustable friendly.

Better living starts with better sleep. And a PranaSleep adjustable base takes better to the next level. Pair your Asha Select with an adjustable base for the ultimate in comfort, relaxation, and overall wellness — relieve back pain, reduce snoring and acid reflux, improve circulation, promote muscle recovery, and maximize deep REM sleep. Talk about leveling up.

Just Right.
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Ideal for back, stomach, and heavier sleepers who prefer a more stable feel with exceptional lower-back support.
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Ideal for back and side sleepers and those who prefer soft pressure-relief.